About the Digital Transformation Hub

About the Cal Poly DxHub

The Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub provides students with experiential learning opportunities in the public sector. Cal Poly has a respected history and passion for the Learn by Doing approach to education and Amazon Web Services is a leading provider of scalable cloud computing services. As the world’s first university-based innovation program powered by AWS, the Cal Poly DxHub is dedicated to connecting public sector organizations with engaged students and world-class technology expertise.


Cal Poly DxHub Team

The Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub team is committed to supporting hands-on learning experiences for students as well as successful engagements with public sector organizations.

Cal Poly’s vision for having a unified team with support from both the University and Amazon Web Services resulted in the program’s current design. Both organizations are dedicated to honoring Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing approach and Amazon’s Leadership Principles as we work to improve digital experiences for students and citizens globally with the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub.

  • Paul Jurasin, Digital Transformation Hub Director, Cal Poly
  • Chris Call, Cal Poly Enterprise Systems Management & Security, Cal Poly
  • Darren Kraker, Cloud Solutions Development Manager, Cal Poly
  • Nick Osterbur, Innovation Challenge Manager, AWS
  • Renee Berry, Business Operations Manager, Cloud Innovation Center, AWS
  • Shane Thompson, Solutions Architect, AWS


Working with the Cal Poly DxHub

Public sector organizations are invited to apply to work with the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub to address challenges. Interested applicants can email Paul Jurasin to initiate the challenge engagement process. The DxHub intake team will follow up to schedule a phone call to get further insight into the organization’s challenges.

The Cal Poly DxHub does require public sector organizations who are interested in engaging on challenges to be open to communicating “lessons learned” at the completion of the collaboration to support scalable public benefits.

Learn more about the design of the DxHub challenge engagement process and the innovation mechanisms we leverage.

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