The Cal Poly DxHub is an innovation engine where students work on real world challenges in the public sector.


Identify a Challenge

What issues do you see in your community or organization? Do you think working with the Cal Poly DxHub could help your team think creatively about finding new ways to approach these challenges? You’re in the right place! Public sector organizations can submit a business problem or strategic opportunity for consideration.


Apply to Work with the Cal Poly DxHub

Applications are currently being accepted. Apply today to initiate a challenge engagement with the Cal Poly DxHub team and learn about leveraging cloud technology to transform your field. We’re excited about the opportunity for organizations to demonstrate leadership as we share lessons learned from innovation engagements. 

While our intake team is committed to responding to applicants, due to high interest in the Cal Poly DxHub innovation program, we cannot guarantee that an application to collaborate will result in a challenge engagement.  We encourage people to be thoughtful about applications and to engage in conversations with our team members for feedback on ways to increase an application’s success.


Connect with the DxHub

We encourage people to reach out to the Cal Poly Digital Transformation team with questions. If you apply and submit a challenge, our intake team follow up with you about next steps.


Feedback and Deciding to Collaborate

When Challenge Engagements are accepted for collaborations with the DxHub, our team will work with executive sponsors from the submitting organization to align on the focus of the challenge engagement. We also introduce innovation mechanisms to support creative solutions to public sector problems.

The Cal Poly DxHub Challenge Engagements are designed to progress through the innovation process in approximately ten weeks, though we are flexible to our collaborator’s scheduling needs.

Partner with the Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub to connect the subject matter expertise of leaders in education, healthcare, government and non-profits organizations with students and Amazon’s world-class approach to digital innovation.

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